Automated parking

Start, stop, pay. Automatically.


What we offer


A white-label application

Multi Platform

Available in App Store (iOS) and Play Store (Android).

Automatic Parking

Enable semi-automatic parking or full automatic parking.

In-app Mapping

Works for parking permits, underground garage and more.

Made for Business

Flag sessions as business or personal parking.

Multiple Cars

Add multiple license plates for a small or large team.

Built-in Support

Branded FAQ and support console for 1st line support.


One API for B2B connected car data

Fleet Management Software is daily used by millions of cars and businesses, making it simple and cost-efficient for third parties to launch new connected car services that generate revenue immediately.

A one-stop shop provider enables contracts, integrations and the monitoring of multiple FMS providers all through one API.

Optimized and intensive monitoring of the data by Concar allows third parties to offer financial services such as parking, tolling, insurance, EV charging, and much more.

+ 2,000,000 successful automatic parking sessions


Increase your revenue

Concar's approach enables third party services to increase their revenue streams through the attraction of new B2B customers and the opportunity to upsell to established customer bases.

Access new industries

Access to industries including leasing, OEMs, rental and car-sharing open up new revenue streams for mobility apps and services using Concar.

Save your customers time and money

Services can promote reduced costs and increased convenience to their customers thanks to Concar's automated parking solution.

Join a growing market

Working with Concar connects smaller mobility companies to a large and growing partner network of connected car data and industries.

"We can upsell our current customer base (from a transaction-based model to a recurring revenue model) and attract new B2B customers thanks to the existing and constantly growing partnership network of Concar."

- Licensing partner in the parking field

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